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This is a listing of all the Harry/Draco AU stories I have found with comments and recommendations when applicable. I will indicate when a story is Complete or appears to have been abandoned. # = recommended. The stories are listed alphabetically. Check Recent Entries for latest additions.

1. Non magical AU
2. Alternative universe or Parallel universe - stories where circumstances are very different from the books, but not magical creature stories unless the magical creature element is almost incidental to the story.
3. Magical AU - stories that are not based in the canon HP world.

Last Update 21.06.10   NO LONGER UPDATED:

3. Magical AUs

  • A Mark Of You And Me by SuishouTenshi Based on Anderson's The Little Mermaid, in which Draco abandons everything for love and finds freedom in the most peculiar place. Not to be mistaken for the Disney version, this is a very well written and is faithful to the original so don't expect sweetness and light. Complete

  • # Blood and Brimstone anon The Inquisition claims it reforms and cleanses Prodigals of their demonic heritage, but Captain Harry Potter learns that the Church has lost its way and is worse by far than the devils in Hells Below. An absolutely excellent story written for the hd_career_fair Original, fascinating and absorbing. Set some time aside and read it. Complete

  • Dark Fascination by Asurahime Although you are only a half-mystic, you are also my son and the heir to the Mystic Region of Facinaturu. There shall be no other, and the Prince of All Mystics is crowned today. That is you, beautiful Harry. Fascinating and at times bewildering story, but unfortunately last updated in Sept 04.

  • Destined Love by OceanDreams20 Marrying Prince Draco of Slytherin out of duty to his kingdom, Prince Harry of Gryffindor has his own ideas about love. But he soon finds that one can not out run their destiny. Interesting, but with a somewhat feminized Harry.

  • Dragonberrries by LdDurham Draco is in a tower. Harry comes swinging by. The destruction of a beloved fairytale ensues. Fun!*g* Complete

  • # Guarding The Dragon by Copper Vixen The Red Lions of Hogwarts Mercenaries and Guards are hired to escort Draco Malfoy and his companions from Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley. Well written and interesting. Complete

  • Harryella by Harry s boxers or here A fairy godmotherfather, a prince and a poor little skivvy who isn't allowed to go to the ball. Funny, although the humour is a little strained at times. Complete

  • Heir to the Throne by Ange Noir Tomayas the Destroyer believes the prophecy made at the end of the last Great War (centuries ago) was referring to him alone. More powerful than even the King's Advisor, old Ailbus, he terrorizes the elven world until, suddenly ... he is gone. Why? Ailbus suspects Karito Jamison to be the reason... but what about Karito's twin, Harito? Very painful beginning for Harry.

  • History of the War by winnet Draco finds something worth fighting for. A fascinating, often dark, story of Harry as pirate fighting to defeat Voldermort and return the rightful heir to the throne with Draco as his noble and, initially, reluctant hostage. Complete

  • It's Always Been About You...About Us by Vintage Vanity Doll In a land that no one shall ever see... a kingdom of wonder that shall never be conquered... a land of such power that no one will believe what I speak is true there is a story even greater than its home. A story of the ever elusive true love and the fight of good against evil. This is the story of the perfect wonder's grey area. As the cliché goes; Once upon a time, in a far off land, there was a prince, his love, and a war. Yet to really get going.

  • Love in the Time of Commodus by lia clarissima. The year is 192 AD and the Roman Empire is on the brink of civil war. Draco travels to the distant town of Lugdunum and meets a mysterious slave named Harry. Written for hds_beltane challenge. Well written, interesting and nicely researched with lovely use of the canon characters. Complete

  • Prerogative of Power by draconianangel or here In a war-torn world of commoners, soldiers, wizards and nobles, Lord Voldemort has the upper hand, and as a reward, he gives Draco Malfoy the land of Gryffindor. Enter Harry Potter, the present master of Gryffindor. A well written and highly enjoyable story that's been on hold for a long time now.

  • Prince Fleetfoot by Megyal The tale of Fleetfoot A delightful fairy tale. Complete

  • Seventh Turbulence by Poisoned Ink Standing at the opposite sides of the war, Prince Draco of Slytherin never expects an enemy to bring such comfort in time of darkness. Interesting and has potential.

  • Son of Avalon by Tsurusaki Eiri Based loosely on the story of Cinderella. Interesting story. Her writing style takes some time to get into though. Complete

  • Taking What's Mine by KnightKitten The Niartesac Disease was named after the village it had originated from. Extremely rare, it was caused by an overload of magic in the body. Teliot's Crown Prince has the disease and Voldermort wants him because of it. Prince Harry! Bandit Draco! Quite interesting story although Harry does come over as being very effeminate, 'cute', weak and feeble one minute and then surprisingly agile and capable the next!

  • Teach Me by Lady Pippy Harry Potter is a poor young man at wits end. Draco Malfoy is a spoiled, violent noble who needs a tutor. A fit of magical temper brings Harry into Draco's world, and the young wizard is reluctant to let this apparently ordinary boy go. Is it really up to Draco, though? Interesting and intriguing.

  • Terms of Surrender by embyr81788 As a gesture of good-will, the Champion of Gryffindor is sent to negotiate the terms of surrender with Voldemort's heir-apparent. A peace treaty won't be the only thing on the table. Very interesting and well written. Complete

  • The Anointed Prince by Decadence or here Faced with his upcoming crowning, a war, and a royal ball, Prince Draco Romulus Gabriel Malfoy is forced into finding a spouse, someone of the proper breeding and etiquette. Well written, but this might as well be a het fic with Harry as a Harriet since he's now a wife and expected to produce children!

  • The Consort: Hummingbird Circus by Gold Snitcher When a rebellion is crushed on the outer-edges of the empire, Draco finds among the captives an intriguing youth who joins the men and women of the harem. Can this quiet boy who refuses to admit his name be worthy of the role of Consort? Or is he as scheming as the other occupants of the harem? Quite intriguing and interesting.

  • The Fey by tweetiescueetie Totally and utterly AU; more of a High Fantasy setting. Intriguing.

  • The Jade Dragon by megyal Based loosely on The Eyes of the Dragon, by Stephen King. Only a few chapters as yet, but interesting.

  • The Prince and the Slave by Shinri Prince Harry of Gryffindor has been forced to buy a slave. He decides to buy one by the name of Draco. But is this slave more than he seems? Needs a good beta as there are far too many distracting errors.

  • The Rogue Prince by Triden Lord Voldemort has destroyed, conquered, and threatened all of the four great kingdoms. Now prince Harry must use Slytherin's alliance and his own sources to defeat the Dark Lord. Quite interesting.

  • # The Warlock by Myst Shadow. "You find me captivating?" Harry took a step back from Draco, scanning the castle bailey and armed guards with scornful eyes. "And I find myself captive. Which is, I believe, the root of the differences between us.". I'm enjoying this, very slow to be updated, AU. Draco is perfectly depicted in his icy calm and power, while Harry is beautifully written and while lacking Draco's knowledge and influence, is certainly not powerless, nor quiet in his defiance and anger.

  • # Warrior of The Unforgivng Land by C F Evangel An alliance is set. A warrior from the harsh desert land of Gryffindor must serve the heir to the Slytherin empire. And while they learn to get along, intrigue and schemes grow and threaten to seize the throne. By any means necessary. An enjoyable read.

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1. Non magical AU - stories that are not based in the canon HP world.
2. Alternative universe or Parallel universe - stories where circumstances are very different from the books, but not magical creature stories unless the magical creature element is almost incidental to the story.

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If you know of a H/D story that fits the above criteria that I've not included, please do let me know


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