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This is a listing of all the stories I have found where Harry and/or Draco is a Quidditch star with comments and recommendations when applicable. I will indicate when a story is a WIP or appears to have been abandoned. # = recommended.

The 29 stories are listed alphabetically.
Last update 07.01.10  NO LONGER UPDATED:

  • A Business Affair by roxierose13 Harry is married and happy. Well not happy, but he gets by. Quidditch is his one escape from the world, but what happens when Draco Malfoy appears suddenly, hell-bent on ruining his life? Long, involved and quite interesting. The sequel is A Business Affair The Supplement

  • A Healing Grace by Lomonaaeren After the war, it takes Harry a while to start going to Quidditch games again. And he certainly never expected that the most interesting part of them would be Draco Malfoy (preslash). The usual high quality you expect from this author and an original and interesting story.

  • A Tale of Horns by pushdragon The inaugural 'Tongues of Fire' photographic wall calendar.Rather hot and smutty! Has now become a rather enjoyable and sensual four parter, the fourth part can be found here.

  • Captivation by Angelic Candy Harry figures out a plan that destroys Voldemort and ends the war. After the war, Harry wonders what to do with his life. He soon finds himself in a prestigious professional Quidditch Academy. Starting a new life with a dream sounds wonderful until he realizes Draco Malfoy was also accepted and wants to become a famous player. Just when he thought all his problems had been solved, the rivalry between the two materializes once again. However, as his studies at the Academy begin to get more challenging, Harry realizes the rivalry between him and Draco is beginning to morph into something completely unexpected. Long and angsty with constant misunderstandings and a Harry who does all the chasing, all the work and all the forgiving and apologising while Draco just takes and gives back very little (he so doesn't deserve Harry)!

  • Catching You by Magdelena Harry and Draco both have pursued professional Quidditch careers after their graduation from Hogwarts. After several years of now friendly rivalry, an event happens that completely alters their perception of their relationship. Very fluffy with some angst due to inevitable misunderstandings.

  • Chosen Again by Jordan Grant The war is over, but now Harry finds himself with a new opponent: Draco Malfoy, on the Quidditch pitch. But Draco seems to have more than flying in mind. Enjoyable read.

  • Coming Around by Deirdre Riordan Harry's been gone for four years after a bit of a misunderstanding: Draco wants him back. Romantic and enjoyable.

  • Freudian Slip by jennavere Two years after graduating from Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy is still obsessed with Harry Potter. Fed up, his father makes him get therapy. Very little actual Quidditch in it, but it's very funny and clever.

  • Games by gurliemoviegeekHarry is committed to Draco, and his Quidditch team. Can the world famous Seeker handle both? Relationship fic, we never get to know what Draco does, if anything, and this creates rather an imbalance in the depicted relationship.

  • Glory in the Forest by lomonaaeren Draco is tired, tired of his job, and pretty much tired of life. He does not want to go see whatever mysterious thing Harry wants to show him. Lovely little story.

  • Harry's Dirty Little Secret by cdraco What's next after Voldemorts Defeat? Sowing as many oats as possible! Everything is great until one of Harry's paramours files a lawsuit for child support and a dozen more follow. The ministry is outraged by the moral deterioration Harry is wrecking in wizarding England auctions him off to the highest bidder in order to payoff the child support lawsuits. Draco wins him and sets forth with a plan to tame him. Harry appears very OOC.

  • Healthy Sportmanship by lizardspots Who'd have thought the worst part about being a Quidditch medic wasn't the stress and disgusting bodily fluids, but the ordeal of caring for the Cannons' star player Harry Potter? Fun and with a very in character Draco.

  • Her by dm_p The snitch was still fluttering in Draco Malfoy's hand when he landed his custom made Flashfire Turbo, slinging it over his shoulder as he took long strides to the rest of his team mates who were congregating in the middle of the field. Somewhat angsty read with a positive ending.

  • # Liath Earrach by punkimonki."You like it," Malfoy whispered in his ear, his breath hot and full of sin, causing a shiver to run down his spine at the unexpected thrill. "You still want me don't you?" Very hot, very intense Harry/Draco interaction with a delightful trio scene and some highly amusing pairings!

  • Limited Space by olimakiella Harry's had a string of worthless relationships and through it all he realises he wants the only worthy relationship he ever had. Is he too late? Intriguing WIP

  • Love Always, Draco by Newshound Even though it's been four years since Harry and Draco parted ways, when Harry's career takes a nosedive, he turns to his past for help. Harry and Draco join forces on a project both hope will reinvigorate their lives, and a journey into the secret world of Quidditch, becomes the path to renewed love. An enjoyable look at adult Harry and Draco who fell passionately in love and fell out of love even more passionately, but still secretly hold a candle for the other even if they deny it to themselves, however, the angst and 'will he won't he' just goes on that bit too long and spoilt it a little for me.

  • Lucky Threats by Alisanne Star Quidditch player, Draco Malfoy, is receiving death threats. Interestingly, the only man he trusts to find the culprit is Auror Harry Potter. Short and sweet.

  • Quidditch Wife by Professor McKitten Draco has a really bad day, but Harry's got a job for him anyway. Protective Harry and spoilt 'Trophy Wife' Draco.

  • Saturn Returns by Azure On the eve of his 30th birthday, Harry Potter is facing his Saturn Return. He seemingly has a charmed life - one that every wizard wants. Does he continue to live a lie, or does he confront the person who could help him to move on with his life? Interesting long and involved story with Harry and Draco dealing with a very homophobic Wizarding world.

  • # The Copper Cauldron by Newshound. Draco thought his life had ended after being imprisoned in Azkaban. It will take the love of the man he regards as his greatest enemy, the faith of his most trusted confidante, and the hope imparted by a beloved child to convince him that he has truly just begun. A long, involved, occasionally angsty story that is a rather compelling read. Harry and Draco seem very in character such that I want to hit Draco around the head at times. *g*

  • The Falmouth Falcons' Star Seeker by faynia I went to that party hating Malfoy, and by the time I was ready to leave, I was scared to leave his side. Short, sharp and clever.

  • #The Goodness of Their Hearts by Taratext, Malfoy Security Inc. is hired when Chudley Cannons' star Seeker Harry Potter starts receiving disturbing letters. I read this for the second time recently and was reminded what an very enjoyable read it is. Post Hogwarts of course, seen from Draco's pov and rather intriguing.

  • The Healer by aandune Harry Potter, the Kestrals' star Seeker, is the victim of foul play. The journey to recovery is taken up by the most unlikely of people. Slightly angsty with a dose of sugar!

  • The Next Generation of Quidditch Hotness by Alaana Fair A collaboration between Sesheta 66, Melmoe1, & Alaana Fair - An interview for an article about 'The Next Generation of Quidditch Hotness' goes terribly wrong, and leaves Ron with some explaining to do, while Harry and Draco are left pondering some unrealized feelings. Fun, particularly when Ron, guided by Pansy, gets involved.

  • The Other Side of Free by khatch Harry's career as a Seeker is on the line because of an injury. Lovely gentle story.

  • The Showers by Wintermoon Two years after Hogwarts, opposing seekers on professional Quidditch teams have a steamy confrontation. Steamy! one shot.

  • # Things That Seemby Maeglin Yedi A potion gone wrong. A desperate wish. A new future. And A very enjoyable view of a possible future with a Harry who is both horrified and intrigued by what he finds.

  • Three Steps to Paradise by beren writes Harry didn't do what everyone expected of him and he became a professional Quidditch player, however, he still has a huge hero streak. When he does something reckless to save Draco Malfoy from a potentially fatal fall in a match it changes more than just Draco's attitude towards him. Interesting and nicely developed story.

  • Too Little, Too Late by screaminglungs Sometimes you don't appreciate what you have until its threatened to be taken away. Sweet little story with a great characterisation of Ron.

  • Two Playboys on the Pitch by Professor McKitten Harry's a famous Quidditch player. Draco's the Healer for a Quidditch team. They're both known for their wild ways, but what happens when these two playboys meet after several years apart? A rather angst ridden story with constant misunderstandings.

    If you know of a H/D story that fits the above criteria that I've not included, please do let me know

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