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Fighting, Talking, Kissing by acroshabd The first time I saw them, they were fighting, and then, they were kissing. Very original and intriguing pov Complete
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Above All by leo draconis Draco has just agreed to marry Astoria Greengrass when he goes through an agonizing change and discovers he's a Veela. Desperate to hide it from his father in fear of being disowned, he vows to find a way out of bonding with his chosen mate. His resolve is only strengthened when he discovers his mate is Harry Potter, who he still despises. The problem is, he must find a solution before his twenty-fifth birthday – for if he fails, he dies. Seen totally from Draco's very stubborn and rigid pov. Interesting, with a great Pansy and nicely depicted Astoria, but (sadly for this reader) very little Harry until the end. Complete
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A Veela in Our Midst by vala "But don't you see? If he looks like one, acts like one and smells like one, then he must be one!" Harry finds out that Draco is a veela, but Draco refuses to acknowledge this fact. Clever and amusing. Complete
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A Potter Special by Beren Harry is chasing a series of what looks like nasty magical murders which have something to do with vampires. He has a suspect and an informant, problem is he didn't know his investigation was compromised. Now he's really in trouble. Highly enjoyable. Complete
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Shadow of a Dream by talekayler It’s not the dreams that have been bothering Harry, per se. It’s the fact that he can’t do anything about them. Interesting with a nice slow build up. Complete


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