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Enchanting Encounters by tmkline Harry's world changes when he stumbles upon an unusual creature in the Black Forest of Germany. Short and sweet. Complete
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Irreversibly Fucked by kujamoon Harry has a headache and submits to Hermione's nagging to take a potion for the pain. Now he's not so sure it was a good idea. Amusing set up.
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Pointless Forever by neverfall16 Amortentia can be deadly, it does not bring love but infatuation. A veela's desperation may be his own downfall. Very interesting take.
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Madame Scarlet's by Digitallace Snape and Lucius run an exotic brothel made of Incubi and Succubae. When both Harry and Draco turn out to hold the strain in their blood it poses some problems for the owners and for the boys. Not to my taste as somewhat angsty and OOC, but I was impressed with the last chapter. Complete
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Bloody Elves by CDT001 Harry-wood elf Draco-cloud elf the two are made for each other and with Voldemort gone it should be easy right? So what is this about war and prophecies? Will they be able to overcome this obstacle and go on with their lives or is it to much for Harry? Rather OOC for both boys and could do with a beta.
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Under Water Secrets by BoofGranger Mermaid Harry! Mermaid Draco! Random One shot. Not enough mermaid fics! Very short and sweet, but as a reviewer says, it should really be merman Harry, merman Draco! Complete
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The Pure Blood Wolf by purpleawr As punishment for his father's mistakes, Draco is bitten by Fenrir Greyback. Narcissa asks Severus to take him somewhere safe and he can only think of one place... where Harry Potter will be spending most of his summer. Interesting with a good, slow development of the relationship between Harry and Draco
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The Real Thing by ricky a Harry Potter left the Auror corps and became Mr. Ollivander's apprentice, while Draco Malfoy became an expert on making people's fantasies come to life. When Harry decides to see what Draco's up to, Harry becomes Draco's greatest challenge. Just what is the fantasy of the hero who everyone else wants to be? An original and intriguing story rewritten from the one written for the Careers fest. Harry is Ollivander's apprentice, Draco is a Fantasy broker
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Lucky Threats by Alisanne Star Quidditch player, Draco Malfoy, is receiving death threats. Interestingly, the only man he trusts to find the culprit is Auror Harry Potter. Short and sweet.
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Mischief by Dessert Draco is a two-and-a-half inch pixie that is in love with a five-and-a-half foot human. That's okay, because he is going to fix that. Right after he 'fixes' Harry's girlfriend. Highly amused by the summary. The story has just started and so far is rather amusing.
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Chasing Time by anon Happiness is temporary, but joy is not. After everything that your father took from him, we owe it to him to try and give some of it back. The debts that we owe the Potter boy cannot be numbered, and what we took from him cannot be measured, but you will find a way, and maybe then, you can find a little joy of your own. Excellent and intriguing story, I like the idea of Harry and Luna as a couple for a start and I tend to enjoy stories where Harry and Pansy manage to have a believable friendship. I liked Draco very much in this while my liking for Harry goes without saying. :-) Harry is a magical watchmaker, Draco is an bookkeeper


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