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Veela Struck by Lomonaaeren Veela don't have destined mates, and thank Merlin for that. Draco wants to date Harry Potter because Harry is one of the few people in the wizarding world who treats him decently. But when Harry refuses, with his refusal focused on Draco's creature blood, Draco sets out on a different journey than he ever expected. An original take by this prolific and excellent writer.
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Under His Skin by gin tonic It's after the war and technically everything should get back into order. But Harry didn't count on fate and he would never have thought that his affair with Draco Malfoy would be this life changing. Interesting take as viewed from Harry's pov. Complete
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Much Ado About Nothing by the gubette Original and fun. Complete
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Animal Attraction by tari sue A hex gone wrong turns Draco from one of the world's most despised wizards into the Ministry's most desirable Veela. Now all he has to do is learn to control Veela Allure gone haywire, try to find a cure and avoid Harry Potter in the mean time. Nicely written and interesting. Complete
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Storm's Breath by dawnfireangel Returning to Hogwarts was not Draco's idea of a good time. Especially not with Veela genes, growing wings, and Potter's new healing obsession. Harry's choice of career is cleverly used to develop his and Draco's relationship. Complete
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W Of Wolf and Bird by naturegirlrocks. A creative and highly original take on the Veela genre with werewolf Harry for added pleasure. Complete

In Medias Res by obscuredmemory The fact that he felt like crap should have been the dead give-away that something was up. Veela!Harry. Just started.
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Magic in a Bottle by silenceberry Harry gets allergies with the new perfume, but he finds out his a Veela and Draco is his mate. The varying tenses and word errors are somewhat annoying and distract from the story. Complete
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Hedgehogs by tigersilver written for Valentine Veela prompts. Intriguingly presented story. Complete
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Tyger, Tyger by tigersilver Oh, wonderful winnett, the moment I read your prompts, I thought 'tigers!' and then when I added in the other requirements - 'body transformations into something not typical, licking, snowflakes; scenario: the typical bonding veela mate thing complete with territorial nature, marking, almost animalistic protectiveness; squicks: submissive men, feminized men', I knew this must be not only 'tigers' but Siberian tigers. A very interesting, often amusing and enjoyable read. Complete


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