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A Healthy Obsession
(Harry/Draco) by fantasyfiend09. During their eighth year Harry feels that Draco is up to something again. Ducking when he sees Harry, having his meals taken to his room, and even the leaving the pitch when he comes out. Harry can't believe Draco decides to be up to something again. However, during their confrontation he's surprised to know that Draco isn't up to something. He's avoiding Harry because Harry is his mate and he doesn't want to mate with someone who hates him. Harry goes to set things right... I would for Harry's attempts to fail at first before Draco accepts him.. Nicely developed relationship between Harry and Draco and good use of Hermione and Ron. Complete

Claimed (Harry/Draco) by dragontara. Harry is investigating a crime when he crashes right in the middle of the Veela mating party. Five Veelas are very interested in Harry and already have him cornered, when one surprisingly familiar person jumps in for a rescue. But if you thought it was difficult to get five Veela suitors off your back when they were only showing interest and trying to impress, try to deal with a fiercely protective and possessive Veela, who is determined to claim you and taking no for an answer.  A very possessive Draco. Complete

Glory Be (Harry/Draco) by lomonaaeren. Draco—Draco Malfoy, skilled assassin, powerful and wealthy Veela, former Death Eater—has always known what to do, where to go, who to kill. And then Harry Potter came along: Harry Potter, Unspeakable, former Auror, the most powerful wizard Draco has ever seen. And Draco catches a glimpse of glory he may be unable to live without.  Original, interesting and enjoyable. Complete

Hard at Each Other (Harry/Draco) by enchanted_jae. Harry has been informed that he and Malfoy are mates. Neither one of them is going to take it lying down. Anger, jealousy, possessiveness and sex! Complete

The Ugly Duckling (Harry/Draco) by icmezzo. Draco is all atwitter when he wakes up on his birthday with a few unexpected feathers. Suspecting foul play, he enlists Harry to help him get rid of his unfortunate birden—er, burden. Amusing and rather clever. Complete

Veritas (Harry/Draco) by winterdaffodils. Exiled and left to die, Draco Malfoy ends up the last place he could have expected and yet exactly where he needed to be. A rewarding slow and gentle story. Complete

Wings & Heart (Harry/Draco) by freakingcrups. Draco organises a costume ball just so he can show off the wings he’s hidden from the world. Much to his amusement though, everyone believes they are part of his costume. Until the truth comes out when he sees something that doesn’t impress him one bit... .  Possessive Draco, mildly annoyed but mostly amused Harry, oh and sex of course! Complete

All of these fics are from the Do Me Veela festival


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