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Blood and Brimstone by calanthe fics The Inquisition claims it reforms and cleanses Prodigals of their demonic heritage, but Captain Harry Potter learns that the Church has lost its way and is worse by far than the devils in Hells Below. An absolutely excellent story. Original, fascinating and absorbing. Set some time aside and read it. Complete
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Primal Howl by enchanted jae Abandoned by his friends, Draco faces his fear head-on. Rather clever. Complete
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Feathers by megyal Prompt: Harry couldn't see, but he could feel. Feel the wings, the soft touch...the love. Original, beautifully written and bitter-sweet story. Complete
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Veela's Mate for Life by brissygirl Harry wants to find a mate One shot written for the prompt 'I kissed a _____ and I liked it.' Complete
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# Drink Up Thy Zider: A South Hams Pomona by wemyss Harry, like Draco a widower, their children being adults or soon to become so, has retired to a South Hams village, where he farms and makes cider in a gentlemanly way, not that the Ministry accepts that he's not a political threat. When Draco is accused of huge losses and malfeasance in his position at Goldstein & Zabini, the private and merchant bank that straddles the Muggle-magical boundary, Blaise and Pansy arrange for him to escape to South Devon whilst awaiting the investigation. Naturally, Draco's friends – and his mother and his son – have a hidden agenda . Superb story beautifully written and very quirky, humorous, sexy and British (hugs it to death for that fact alone). Do read the warnings, they are hilarious. :-) My absolute favourite from the many, often excellent, stories written for the hd career fair Draco is a merchant banker and Harry is a farmer
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A Pirates Tale by FaeryQueen07 When the young Lord Draco Malfoy is kidnapped by pirate Captain Harry Potter - the very man plotting to over throw Prince Regent Voldemort - he's faced with the task of not only protecting his chastity but his heart as well. And when it comes to saving the family name, can he do what must be done without regret? Well written and interesting. Complete
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# Give Me Wings To Fly With by Smaradgus Having Harry Potter locked up as a dangerous beast, the Ministry shows no signs of gratitude for the Defeater of Voldemort. Until there is a new threat to be considered. A painful but beautiful read. Complete
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VIntoxicating Power by ash 1212 After finding out that Harry has a relative living in the US, the Dursleys are quick to send him over there with the instruction to never darken their doorstep again. But the secrets that Forks holds may turn out to be deadly to Harry. Cross-over with Twilight. vamp!Draco. Intriguing start, but then again I know nothing about Twillight so I've no idea if it's original or not.


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