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The do _me_veela masterlist of H/D fics

A Veela For Valentine's by [info]midoriyue  Draco is part Veela and he knows Harry is his mate. He (thinks he) knows Harry's not interested in him that way so he doesn't tell him. Instead he befriends him and they become flatmates. It's all fine until Harry starts to date someone else one day and the Veela in Draco is not as relaxed about it as Draco had hoped it would be, he then starts trying to sabotage Harry's new relationship. Angst, misunderstanding and Ron and Draco in an Auror partnership! Predictable, yet often funny.

Come For Me by [info]akiko88 Harry dreamt of wings. Fairly predictable (to be fair it's hard to be original in this oft written genre) pleasant read.

Desire as Dark as a Panther's Fur by [info]blackhemlock Harry blames the book. It put words in his head; sweet twisting tempting words that made everything seem ok. That made him rationalise that which should have been challenged and condemned. He blames the book for everything. But he knows he wouldn’t change anything. Lovely imagery and very nicely written.

Fairy Tales and Castles by [info]icicle33 or renamed Without You at her journal. Harry is devastated when Draco comes into his Veela inheritance and leaves him for his mate Christian. Harry assumes that Draco has found his happily ever after with his mate. Until one morning, he finds an unconscious Draco Malfoy on his front doorstep. A lot of exposition at the beginning and then I felt I'd been left with a number of unanswered questions by the end.

Full Circle by [info]dawnfireangel Boy Wonder is stalking Draco again. He is a menace and Draco is determined to tell him that. But after an explosive fight he noticed Harry seems sick and withdrawn, maybe it's time for Draco to do some stalking to figure out what's wrong with Harry. A little too easily and quickly resolved.

Hopelessly, I'll Love You Endlessly by [info]zams  or here on AO3 Draco’s quickly running out of time to choose a mate, but how can he when all his potential mates are completely unacceptable? Pansy, Ron, his seventy-year old married boss… none of them are suitable. He’s just about to despair when he unexpectedly crosses paths with Harry Potter, who turns out to be another mate. But he’s just as unsuitable as the rest, or is he? A lot's changed since the War and maybe Harry's not so unsuitable after all. Quite interesting, but I really struggled with the concept of Ron and Hermione and Draco being bosom buddies .

Jericho Rose by [info]lomonaaeren or here at ffnet. Harry never did anything about his fondness for Draco Malfoy, knowing Malfoy happily mated as he was. But after Astoria Greengrass’s sudden death, he knows what he wants: to make Draco happy again. Original, which is pretty hard to be in this genre and takes time to develop a relationship between Draco and Harry.

Not Only Fine Feathers by [info]fantasyfruitbat  The War went on for eight long years. Now, in the aftermath, a caged, mistreated, and completely inhuman Veela has been discovered. Harry is the only person it will tolerate... You can guess the rest, can't you? You can, but it's nicely written.

Resistance by [info]all_not_well Something has changed, something deep and fundamental inside himself, making his blood burn like molten steel in his veins. A very intriguing, clever and slightly dark Harry as Veela story

Roundabout Way by [info]narryaworry Veela are very sexual creatures, and when Harry wakes up on his 18th birthday he finds himself unbelievably horny all day long. Draco walks in on him in a restroom and finds Harry wanking, and since he's wanted Harry for a long time he's happy to offer to "scratch the itch" for him. Since neither realizes that Harry's a Veela who's just come into his inheritance, they also don't realize they've just bonded by having sex - until the distance nearly kills them both when they part ways afterward. Now they've got to live together while they figure out how to undo the bond... Sometimes funny and awkward other times angsty and heartbreaking with Narcissa and Lucius to add to the 'fun'. An interesting read.

Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking by [info]k8nkane Harry finally stops fighting. Intense and compelling read.

Your Eyes Open by [info]wintervixen86  Draco thinks nothing of his Veela heritage, until he finds himself displaying for Harry-bloody-Potter. Determined to ignore his instincts, Draco struggles against his nature - he’ll go down fighting, every step of the way. Stubborn git Draco versus stubborn but caring git Harry. :-)


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