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This journal is for my Harry/Draco listings and recommendations. Please click on the links to get to the appropriate page.

if a link doesn't work don't give up but google it, Individual LJs and Archives come and go, but many authors repost their work elsewhere.

Harry/Draco as Veela or Other Magical Creature - takes you to the hub page and listings for Veela, Vampire, Elf, Werewolf, Kitty!Harry/Draco and Other Magical Creature stories.

The best places for checking for HP Creature fics are:
Harry/Draco AU stories - stories that are
1. Non magical AU,
2. Alternative universe or Parallel universe - stories where circumstances are very different from the books, but not magical creature stories unless the magical creature element is almost incidental to the story
3. Magical AU - stories that are not based in the canon HP world.

Harry/Draco Quidditch star - stories where either Harry and/or Draco are Quidditch stars

Harry/Draco in Unusual Careers stories where either Harry and/or Draco have very unusual jobs/careers.

Harry/Draco recommendations, stories I love. Divided into
Hogwarts Era
Post Hogwarts

Stories are posted to the journal as they are added and then listed under the appropriate listing. Look at recent entries or date tags for recent updates.
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A Choice of Wings by Lomonaaeren A Choice of Wings is Harry's matchmaking business for Veela who haven't found mates. And Draco Malfoy is his most difficult client.Original and interesting concept for Harry's job and fun, snarky dialogue. A good read. Complete
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Finding You by alafaye  An Auror raid leads Harry to an old lover. Somewhat frustrating as well written but very sparce in details. (Dragon)

Fairy, Fairy, Quite Contrary
by sky_blue44  “You're a Fairy, Draco.” “I'm a what.” (Or, in which Draco Malfoy gets an interesting present for his 16th birthday.) Short and sweet. (Fairy)

For hiiiiiiisss’ sake by mae_linda Time is running out because Draco is not going to be a snake all his life dammit. And there may be a lady snake who propositioned him a day ago. Not On. So, Potter, ugh, to the rescue. Short story, could do with some editing. (Snake)

Intense by stephaniejo84 Well, Draco thinks he’s the Sex God of the Wizarding London gay scene.

Meant to Be by slowroad Draco is at a club with his friends when Harry comes up to him looking sexier and more desirable than he ever has before and he asks Draco to dance with him...

Fly by Night by enchanted jae Draco was warned not to fly by night, and now he knows why. (Veela and Vampire)

Blue Sunny Day
by firethesound When Draco spots Potter at a Muggle club in London, he just can't resist the opportunity that presents itself.

Okay is Wonderful by winterdaffodils: Harry's always been lucky in magic, he just can't always see how. Sometimes alright is the most you can hope for.

Wolf Games by thenerd1026 Draco knew better. Now he must face the wolf.

Blood & Bone by blackhemlock “I can taste him you know,” Potter says from the dark at the end of the corridor. “I can taste him on your skin and I hate it.” (Werewolf and Vampire)

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Elven Desires by Strawberrygirl87 On his eighteenth birthday Harry Potter comes into his creature inheritance with no prior knowledge or warning about what is happening to him. He must quickly come to terms with the fact that he is a submissive half Elven and that until he bonds with a dominant Elven he is going to be sought after by any and every dominant Elven creature that he comes into contact with. It's meant to be a rare occurrence to find the active gene required to trigger the creature inheritance but the stress of the war seems to have had an adverse effect on the younger generation. WIP 
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A Healthy Obsession
(Harry/Draco) by fantasyfiend09. During their eighth year Harry feels that Draco is up to something again. Ducking when he sees Harry, having his meals taken to his room, and even the leaving the pitch when he comes out. Harry can't believe Draco decides to be up to something again. However, during their confrontation he's surprised to know that Draco isn't up to something. He's avoiding Harry because Harry is his mate and he doesn't want to mate with someone who hates him. Harry goes to set things right... I would for Harry's attempts to fail at first before Draco accepts him.. Nicely developed relationship between Harry and Draco and good use of Hermione and Ron. Complete

Claimed (Harry/Draco) by dragontara. Harry is investigating a crime when he crashes right in the middle of the Veela mating party. Five Veelas are very interested in Harry and already have him cornered, when one surprisingly familiar person jumps in for a rescue. But if you thought it was difficult to get five Veela suitors off your back when they were only showing interest and trying to impress, try to deal with a fiercely protective and possessive Veela, who is determined to claim you and taking no for an answer.  A very possessive Draco. Complete

Glory Be (Harry/Draco) by lomonaaeren. Draco—Draco Malfoy, skilled assassin, powerful and wealthy Veela, former Death Eater—has always known what to do, where to go, who to kill. And then Harry Potter came along: Harry Potter, Unspeakable, former Auror, the most powerful wizard Draco has ever seen. And Draco catches a glimpse of glory he may be unable to live without.  Original, interesting and enjoyable. Complete

Hard at Each Other (Harry/Draco) by enchanted_jae. Harry has been informed that he and Malfoy are mates. Neither one of them is going to take it lying down. Anger, jealousy, possessiveness and sex! Complete

The Ugly Duckling (Harry/Draco) by icmezzo. Draco is all atwitter when he wakes up on his birthday with a few unexpected feathers. Suspecting foul play, he enlists Harry to help him get rid of his unfortunate birden—er, burden. Amusing and rather clever. Complete

Veritas (Harry/Draco) by winterdaffodils. Exiled and left to die, Draco Malfoy ends up the last place he could have expected and yet exactly where he needed to be. A rewarding slow and gentle story. Complete

Wings & Heart (Harry/Draco) by freakingcrups. Draco organises a costume ball just so he can show off the wings he’s hidden from the world. Much to his amusement though, everyone believes they are part of his costume. Until the truth comes out when he sees something that doesn’t impress him one bit... .  Possessive Draco, mildly annoyed but mostly amused Harry, oh and sex of course! Complete

All of these fics are from the Do Me Veela festival

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Catalyst by Dracavia There were moments when Draco Malfoy wondered what he was thinking when he took up the position as Hogwarts Potions Master. This was going to be the longest two weeks of his life. He was certain of it. Interesting and fun. Complete
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Gifts by hanyou elf. Complete AU. Harry is given the only gift he wants while giving Draco the only gift that he can.(Merfolk) Bewitching and melancholic. Complete

If Only I Could by janealpha Draco had tried to be a good husband and he'd tried ever so hard to fall in love. (Aswang) Painful and sad and a reflection on choice within what is essentially an arranged marriage. Complete

In the Forests of The Night by canis lupus03 Voldemort's revenge. His death triggered a curse that affects everyone who uses magic. Wizards are slowly beginning to take on creature characteristics, and every spell cast advances the curse for the caster. (Animalistic Humanoid) Original and clever, an interesting read. Complete

The Hunt by narryaworry Draco refused to make the same mistakes as his father, no matter the cost. Luckily, the cost doesn’t seem so bad when the perfect mate is practically thrown into his path. (Cwn Annwn) Full of hunting, chasing and claiming. Complete

Truth is, I Bruise Too Easily by domofo Draco's hunting in the middle of the winter when he meets the boy. And then suddenly Draco's falling and he doesn't know how to stop. (Stag) Well written, touching and painful. Complete


 Bite Me by marianna merio Harry is captured by the vampires. But for some reason, they do not hand him over to the Dark Lord. Harry's panic and fear is well depicted and his final choice bittersweet. Complete

Overtime, Nights, and Weekends by fantasyfiend09 Harry’s assignment to make nice with the vampire community gets off to an awkward start. This feels like the first chapter of a long and potentially fascinating story. Complete

 The Malfoy Standard by akiko88 Draco Malfoy couldn’t quite comprehend what just had happened. He had been walking calmly down Diagon Alley, towards Madam Malkin’s, to pick up his mother’s new dress robes. He was just minding his own business, when suddenly he found himself pushed up against a wall in an alley just off Eeylops Owl Emporium. Stubborn, determined Harry and tease Draco. Complete

Encounters by moirae59 Harry knows that there is another werewolf in Hogwarts but who is it and what does it want? Possessive and determined Draco chasing who he wants. Complete

Scent of a Man
by badkatpat Harry has a new trigger that turns him and it scares him, but Draco has found a cure. Well written and poignant. Complete

The Malfoy Family Silver by blackhemlock In his dreams Draco sees horrors and when he wakes, he remembers that each and every one of them is real. And when he wakes, he straps on his dragon-hide armour and goes out to stop what he can. Complex, dark, painful and compelling story. Complete

The Nature of the Beast by enchanted jae When Teddy disappears while Draco is in charge of him, Draco goes looking for him in the forest. He finds much more than he bargained for. Nice use of Bill Weasley, also a good balance of sexy and scary.  Complete

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Imprinted by marguertie26  Harry finds Draco naked and scratched up on the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest and he becomes obsessed with finding out what’s really going on. Knottings arrived in the H/D fandom... well it's the first I've read. :-) Complete
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Veiled As A Monster by Lomonaaeren Harry, an experienced werewolf hunter, responds to growing reports of the creatures in the Forbidden Forest. Here, there are twisting stone paths, and a castle at the heart of the Forest whose walls and moats run with blood. And a wolf by the name of Draco Malfoy to lead Harry astray. Another of Lomonaaeren's excellent stories and a fascinating take on werewolves with a mix of Little Red Riding hood thrown in as well. Complete
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Harry Potter and the Trouble with Veela by The Aqua Mirror or here Something or someone is attacking the Veela population of Wizard Britain, and the Ministry of Magic is called to action. Auror Harry Potter isn't sure why, but he has a Very Bad Feeling about this. An original and interesting beginning. WIP
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Fire and Death by freakingcrups Fire was dangerous, there was no doubt about it. If Harry had taken a step closer to the flames, he would have been burnt. But Draco was just as dangerous, if not more. Short and sexy. 
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# The Inner Lands by Lomonaaeren Harry wants to know why Draco Malfoy is a Sidhe. And why he's heading the Sidhe delegation that's threatening the wizarding world. But most of all, he wants to know why him. I don't think this author has written anything I've not enjoyed and this work is excellent. It's a one shot, long, involving, fascinating and often poetic. I love her characterisations and I enjoy her take on the wizarding world and the mysteries of the magical creatures beyond its borders. Do go and read. Complete
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  • Congenital Magnetism by Ascyltus At the end of his fifth year, Harry displays his effortless knack for landing himself in problematic situations. Luckily, Harry begins to develop some unusual abilities that he has inherited by virtue of being one-quarter Veela. Only Draco Malfoy seems to be immune to Harry's newly found powers. Fairly typical beginning but becomes more original and often funny with a slow build up of the Harry/Draco relationship. Complete
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The do _me_veela masterlist of H/D fics

A Veela For Valentine's by [info]midoriyue  Draco is part Veela and he knows Harry is his mate. He (thinks he) knows Harry's not interested in him that way so he doesn't tell him. Instead he befriends him and they become flatmates. It's all fine until Harry starts to date someone else one day and the Veela in Draco is not as relaxed about it as Draco had hoped it would be, he then starts trying to sabotage Harry's new relationship. Angst, misunderstanding and Ron and Draco in an Auror partnership! Predictable, yet often funny.

Come For Me by [info]akiko88 Harry dreamt of wings. Fairly predictable (to be fair it's hard to be original in this oft written genre) pleasant read.

Desire as Dark as a Panther's Fur by [info]blackhemlock Harry blames the book. It put words in his head; sweet twisting tempting words that made everything seem ok. That made him rationalise that which should have been challenged and condemned. He blames the book for everything. But he knows he wouldn’t change anything. Lovely imagery and very nicely written.

Fairy Tales and Castles by [info]icicle33 or renamed Without You at her journal. Harry is devastated when Draco comes into his Veela inheritance and leaves him for his mate Christian. Harry assumes that Draco has found his happily ever after with his mate. Until one morning, he finds an unconscious Draco Malfoy on his front doorstep. A lot of exposition at the beginning and then I felt I'd been left with a number of unanswered questions by the end.

Full Circle by [info]dawnfireangel Boy Wonder is stalking Draco again. He is a menace and Draco is determined to tell him that. But after an explosive fight he noticed Harry seems sick and withdrawn, maybe it's time for Draco to do some stalking to figure out what's wrong with Harry. A little too easily and quickly resolved.

Hopelessly, I'll Love You Endlessly by [info]zams  or here on AO3 Draco’s quickly running out of time to choose a mate, but how can he when all his potential mates are completely unacceptable? Pansy, Ron, his seventy-year old married boss… none of them are suitable. He’s just about to despair when he unexpectedly crosses paths with Harry Potter, who turns out to be another mate. But he’s just as unsuitable as the rest, or is he? A lot's changed since the War and maybe Harry's not so unsuitable after all. Quite interesting, but I really struggled with the concept of Ron and Hermione and Draco being bosom buddies .

Jericho Rose by [info]lomonaaeren or here at ffnet. Harry never did anything about his fondness for Draco Malfoy, knowing Malfoy happily mated as he was. But after Astoria Greengrass’s sudden death, he knows what he wants: to make Draco happy again. Original, which is pretty hard to be in this genre and takes time to develop a relationship between Draco and Harry.

Not Only Fine Feathers by [info]fantasyfruitbat  The War went on for eight long years. Now, in the aftermath, a caged, mistreated, and completely inhuman Veela has been discovered. Harry is the only person it will tolerate... You can guess the rest, can't you? You can, but it's nicely written.

Resistance by [info]all_not_well Something has changed, something deep and fundamental inside himself, making his blood burn like molten steel in his veins. A very intriguing, clever and slightly dark Harry as Veela story

Roundabout Way by [info]narryaworry Veela are very sexual creatures, and when Harry wakes up on his 18th birthday he finds himself unbelievably horny all day long. Draco walks in on him in a restroom and finds Harry wanking, and since he's wanted Harry for a long time he's happy to offer to "scratch the itch" for him. Since neither realizes that Harry's a Veela who's just come into his inheritance, they also don't realize they've just bonded by having sex - until the distance nearly kills them both when they part ways afterward. Now they've got to live together while they figure out how to undo the bond... Sometimes funny and awkward other times angsty and heartbreaking with Narcissa and Lucius to add to the 'fun'. An interesting read.

Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking by [info]k8nkane Harry finally stops fighting. Intense and compelling read.

Your Eyes Open by [info]wintervixen86  Draco thinks nothing of his Veela heritage, until he finds himself displaying for Harry-bloody-Potter. Determined to ignore his instincts, Draco struggles against his nature - he’ll go down fighting, every step of the way. Stubborn git Draco versus stubborn but caring git Harry. :-)
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# The Moon Loves Her Shadow by frayach Ingrained prejudices die hard, and sometimes love has its limits. Like all pure-blood wizards, Draco was taught since birth to hate and fear Werewolves, but when he discovers he unknowingly married one, things no longer seem so black and white. An excellent, painful, heart-rendering read with an very beautiful ending. Complete
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The Clinical Trials (& Sundry Tribulations) of Case VLA-101 by tigersilver Auror Harry Potter has another service to perform for the Wizarding world and this one quite specifically involves that Unspeakable, Draco Malfoy. A unique observation on Veela bonding, but far, far too verbose, rambling and convoluted for my taste. I found myself skipping paragraphs in exasperation because nothing was happening and everything was being repeated, yet again! The epilogue is here Complete
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Buisness Meetings by Lomonaaeren Draco leads a powerful group of vampires. Harry is their Ministry-appointed negotiator. Cue a series of once-monthly meetings where Harry and Draco argue about the various virtues of attacking the Ministry versus holding back from doing so, and, eventually, other things. Another of Lomonaaren's excellent fics with a very different perspective. Complete
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An Acre of Sky by olimakella Twenty years after the Dark Lord’s death, his mark has been left upon a world that is now much different. With the economy in the drain and a new ruler of the food chain, there doesn’t seem to be much hope, especially when there isn’t enough food to go around. With thirst madness setting in and no blood substitute in sight, how can the world survive? An original and interesting fic with a very different emphasis from most of this genre. Complete
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Save Me From Myself by ? Harry has been hurt by everyone he knows. He can’t take it anymore; he cannot bear to live. But then Malfoy returns, and suddenly, things seem to look much more pleasant. Somewhat angst ridden, I find it hard to believe that Harry would ever end up as depicted. Complete
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Covet by morgana fire Draco has just learned the shocking news that he is a Veela. After a brief encounter with Harry Potter he goes home to find another surprise waiting for him. A stranger that has made his way into his home. Unfortunately, for Draco, that's when things go from bad to worse. Until Harry decides to save him. It might be more than he bargained for. Typical for the genre but with a intriguing foe that it would have been interesting to know a bit more about. Complete
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Dead End by flaky3 After magic has disappeared, all of wizardkind is forced to integrate into the muggle world, finding only fear and hostility. It is in this unstable climate that Draco and Harry meet again. The dangerous game of seduction and manipulation begins. Flaky3 has written and complex and often bewildering story of romance, betrayal, violence... the works. We see the world from Harry's resigned and mostly powerless pov and it's not a very pretty or happy world. Dead End is a regularly updated WIP that has some way to go before we get to know exactly what is going on.


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